Membership Form and Dues Structure

Membership Questions please email:

Only New Members need to fill out membership form. -- Already a member? Please go to the Pay Dues page.

Contact Information

Membership Category

If paying for a Family Membership, use fields at the bottom to specify the additional names. New members over the age of 33 get the new members introduction fee of  $1099.00 . NEW MEMBER DISCOUNT IS ONLY AVAILABLE  TO ANYONE WHO HAS NEVER BEEN A MEMBER OF THE COUNTRY CLUB OF GREENFIELD or combined with Fall Membership special.

All Membership are eligible for $150.00 Total discount off their membership (except pre Junior and New Member Introduction rate) if paid on time Feb. 1st / April 1st, $75.00 off each payment.

Please note: Age is based on how old you are on April 1st.

Membership Type

Handicap Fee

Cart Membership

  • Single: $700.00 ($50.00 discount if paid in full by 4/1/) Must be paid in full by 6/1
  • Family: $1050.00 Two family members only ($75.00 discount if paid in full by 4/1) Must be paid in full by 6/1

Family Membership Names

Please list names of spouse and children living in household under age 26:

Dues Payment  Schedule:

  • First 33% payment: February 1st Deduct $75.00 off your bill for on time discount 
  • Second 33% payment: April 1st.  Deduct $75.00 off your bill for on time discount 
  • Final 34% balance is due May 15th no discount 

You will be asked to submit any payments on the next page.

Please review what you entered before you click the Submit button.