Membership Form and Dues Structure

Membership Questions please email:

Only New Members need to fill out membership form. 

Contact Information

Membership Category

If paying for a Family Membership, use fields at the bottom to specify the additional names. New members over the age of 33 get the new members introduction fee of  $1099.00 . NEW MEMBER DISCOUNT IS ONLY AVAILABLE  TO ANYONE WHO HAS NEVER BEEN A MEMBER OF THE COUNTRY CLUB OF GREENFIELD or combined with Fall Membership special.

All Membership are eligible for $150.00 Total discount off their membership (except pre Junior and New Member Introduction rate) if paid on time Feb. 1st / April 1st, $75.00 off each payment.

Please note: Age is based on how old you are on April 1st.

Membership Type

Handicap Fee

Cart Membership

  • Single: $700.00 ($50.00 discount if paid in full by 4/1/) Must be paid in full by 6/1
  • Family: $1050.00 Two family members only ($75.00 discount if paid in full by 4/1) Must be paid in full by 6/1

Family Membership Names

Please list names of spouse and children living in household under age 26:

Dues Payment  Schedule:

  • First 33% payment: February 1st Deduct $75.00 off your bill for on time discount 
  • Second 33% payment: April 1st.  Deduct $75.00 off your bill for on time discount 
  • Final 34% balance is due May 15th no discount 

You will be asked to submit any payments on the next page.

Please review what you entered before you click the Submit button, and click it ONLY ONCE.