Thursday Night Men’s League

men standing and sitting and showing off trophy

Official Rule Sheet

  1. If you cannot schedule your match for Thursday Night, teams will have until Wednesday of the following week to make up the match.
  2. If the match cannot be played by the following Wednesday, the Golf Shop will do a Match-of-Cards from your next match to determine the winner and point split. If a team does not present a Match Scorecard to the Golf Shop by the following Saturday, the match will be scored 6-0 in favor of the other team.
  3. There will be an optional Skins & Golf Shop Game each week for an additional $10 per team. This pool will only be valid for rounds played on Thursday of that week.
  4. A Match of Cards (blind draw starting hole going forward until winner determined) will be used to break ties for the Golf Shop Game for both Gross & Net Winners.
  5. The Skins & Golf Shop Game will only be valid on holes #1 through #10
  6. All Thursday Night League matches are to be played on holes #1 through #10.
    1. All substitutes (which may at a premium due to the popularity of the league this year) are to be reported to the Golf Shop prior to your scheduled Tee Time so that handicaps can be adjusted if necessary. Failure to do so may result in an automatic match loss of 6-0.
  7. Match format will be Half Best-Ball / Half Scramble each week. First half of season Holes 1 through 5 will be Scramble and 6 through 10 will be Best Ball. For the second half of season, Holes 1 through 5 will be Best Ball and 6 through 10 will be Scramble.
  8. TEES (NEW in 2021, Will Remain for 2022): For those who qualify (Handicap Index of 13.5 or higher YOU MUST HAVE AN ACTIVE GHIN HANDICAP TO PLAY FORWARD) you will play from New "Thursday Night Tees." Holes 3, 4 and 6 will be marked with new Black and White Stakes. Hole 3: Just over road between White and Black Tees. Hole 4: Play from Forward Tee on Hole 9. Hole 6: On the other side of the dingle by cart path. On the rest of the holes (1, 2, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10) you will play from the Black Tees. All others will play white tees for all holes.
  9. It is each individual's responisbility to be aware of their current handicap index. If you play the wrong tees your match will be forfeit with the other team winning 6-0, and also disqualified from Skins and Golf Shop Game.
  10. Following each match, post your point total and your round score on the score sheet. If your team is in the Skins Pool, post your birdies / eagles on the Skins score sheet, and leave your scorecard in the folder.
  11. The season will be split into two halves, with winners of each half from each division playing eachother on Position Night for a spot in the Championship finals. The remaining teams will play an "interleague" position night to determine their place for prize selection at the banquet. The following week, Championship Night, will be the winners each division against eachother playing for 1st and 2nd place, while the losers of each division's playoff. The losers from the divisional round will play eachother for 3rd and 4th. No other teams will play Championship Night.
  12. Teams are responsible for obtaining subs and contacting their opponents by use of our online Phone List on the Country Club’s Website. Please make sure to contact your opponents to confirm match times before Thursday. Teams found consistently no call / no showing to a scheduled match may be penalized.