200 Club Sign Up Now

                                           200 CLUB ....2014
Think POSITIVE . Look out the window.  In a few weeks the snow will be 
melting  and GOLF is around the corner. 

Just a reminder that the 200 club starts in May and runs for 20 weeks. 
     $100 for a hole-in-one.
     Picnic, golf, prizes on Sat. July 19th (carts are only cost)
     Dinner, golf,prizes on Sat. Sept. 20th (carts are only cost)
     Sept. 20th includes  drawings for over $1,200.
     This year our picnic and dinner has been reserved exclusively in the 
     banquet  room for 200 club members.
Your cost for all of the above is $70.
How does it work?  Just e-mail Phyllis Canon at canongolf@verizon or call her
at 773-7911.  Please give her a choice of three numbers you would like.
(in case someone else has already selected your number, she will have 2 others
to choose from )

The 200 club committee would sincerely like to thank you for all of your support.
When you go into our dining room, you can be proud that you as a member paid for the Championship boards and beautiful rugs.
Remember, 100% of the profits go back to the club.
If you would like to be an early bird, you can e-mail or call Phyllis with your numbers.
You can send in a check or she can catch you when the club opens.

The 200 club committee
Teresa Varner, Sue Sigda, Margo Worden, Carol Ruggeri, Phyllis Canon